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Zodiac the Hunter Empty Zodiac the Hunter

Post by Amazon on Fri Feb 15, 2013 6:18 pm

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NAME~ Zodiac
AGE~ 3 years
SPECIES~ Gray wolf
RANK~ Hunter
ROLEPLAY~ Wolves of the endless cave

FUR COLOR~ Black with some silver streaks mixed in
EYE COLOR~ Light olive
BUILD~ Zodi is a large wolf with a leathe body and wide ears, long legs, thick tail, and sharp chest
SCARS~ Large scars on his flanks

PERSONALITY~ Zodiac is a silent wolf that rarely talks or jokes around, he is secretetive, independent, and sometimes mysterious. He doesnt like to hurt others feelings and he does care about others though he just doesnt show it. He is quick, intelligent, and a great hunter with lots of stamina and speed
LIKES~ Hunting, pups, and howling
DISLIKES~ Poisoned water, aggressive wolves, and extremly loud noises

HISTORY= Zodiac remembers nothing of his history though he was born in a zoo and he lived their for a while. When he turned one year old the zoo shut down and the animals were forgotten. Zodiac almost died along with the other anials their, but he managed to get past the large electric fences and he escaped into the wild where he learned to survive. He had ran ff intothe forest and was a loner for a while, untill one day he slipped and fell into the cave when he was crossing some large boulders, he had passed out on the floor of the cave and forgot all memory, he will wake up in roleplay

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Zodiac the Hunter Empty Re: Zodiac the Hunter

Post by Breeze on Sun Feb 17, 2013 6:56 pm

Accepted. I don't know how I missed this, DX sorry.

An amber she-pup snapped at her midnight-blue sister. The other three cowered back as the amber pups' eyes reflected fire and her tail-tip and ears burst into flames.
She snarled and her tail swished over a clump of grass, catching the grass on fire. A pure white she-pups’ paw’s turned to water and she leaped onto the grass and put the fire out.
They all looked from one to the other with wide eyes, then burst out giggling and went into a writhing mass of pups play-fighting.

~From a book I am currently writing of which I hope to publish one day
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