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Pack Questionairre! Winners! 10/14/12

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Pack Questionairre! Winners! 10/14/12 Empty Pack Questionairre! Winners! 10/14/12

Post by Rosaleena on Mon Oct 15, 2012 12:05 am

Well since all the active members have PMed me the questionairre, I'll just go ahead and announce the winners ^^

Most serious member: Rosaleena
Most active member: Fang, Dawn, Rosaleena, Seaspray
Best RP experience: Rosaleena
Funniest member: Azul
Most likely to get a mate: Renegade
Most likely to cheat on their mate: Renegade
Biggest flirt: Renegade
Most respectful: Dawn
Most likely to be found sleeping: Ace, Azul, Seaspray
Most likely to become Alpha: Seaspray
Most likely to leave the pack: Ace, Renegade, Cene, Kate
Toughest member: Renegade
Prettiest eyes: Rosaleena
Best friend: Fang, Seaspray
Most helpful member: Rosaleena, Dawn, Seaspray
Most jealous member: Dakota
Prettiest howl: Rosaleena
Fastest runner: Seaspray
Most stamina: Dakota, Rosaleena, Dawn, Fang
Most likely to kill the gang of loners by their self: Fang
Best manners: Dawn
Best hunter: Rosaleena
Best artist: Rosaleena
Smartest: Fang, Dawn, Rosaleena
Most likely to live in somewhere other than the den: Seaspray, Fang
Most likely to be voted for every category on this set of pack questions: Rosaleena

Well that's it! Thank you all for filling out this form and there will be another questionairre when November comes around! Trust me, this thing will be a lot more fun when we get some new and some more active members! ^^

And congrats goes to Rosaleena (me) for being voted in the most categories! ^^

Still depressed about the loss of TSP?

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We can't wait to see you again!
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