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Alec, Lakota's brother

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Alec, Lakota's brother Empty Alec, Lakota's brother

Post by Kova on Tue Jan 08, 2013 7:26 pm



*Name~ Alec
*Nickname~ N/A
*Gender~ Male(brute)
*Age~ Two years and one month old
*Rank~ Male leader
*Roleplay~ Time Of The Wolves


*Personality~ Alec is very brave and protective of his little sister. He likes to practice fighting and he trains constantly so that he can be fit to dodge the dinosaurs or attack if wanted/needed, he can be aggressive, stubborn, secretive, and mysterious, he doesnt think much before he acts unless its a big thing(ex. he doesnt think when he attacks a small dino he just attacks it. But a large one he thinks and plans his ways out or how to defeat it), he's not very helpfull like his sister or very friendly either, he holds grudges and his muscles are always tensed as he likes to be ready to attack or dodge at any given moment
*Likes~ To be discoverd
*Dislikes~ To be discoverd
*Ups~ He is strong and has lots of stamina stored up, he is a great fighter and can run somewhat fast. He knows plent of fighting moves and ways to get away from the dinosaurs
*Downs~ He can be somewhat clumsy


*Fur Color~ Alec has thick silver fur with a darker gray tail, darker gray around the shoulders, legs, muzzle, ears, and cheeks
*Eye Color~ Deep, ocean blue eyes with flecks of a bright lucious green color
*Scars~ Two large scars slash from his back and down his flank and to his back leg
*Body~ Alec has a thick, well muscled body with larger ears, paws, and thick fluffy tail. His chest is broud and skull is thik, he is a very large wolf



DAD~ Beau
MOM~ Alusia
BROTHER 1~ Aneko
SISTER1~ Lakota
SISTER 2~ Kylar

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im a wolf o___O

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