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Post by Wind on Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:10 pm

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NAME= Simari
GENDER= Female
AGE= 500 years
SPECIES= Rare celestial dragon
RANK= Queen
ROLEPLAY= Dragons of the mountains rp
DAD= Nanook
MOM= Akis
SISTER= Sylona
SCALES= Pure white that shines silver in the sunlight
HORNS= Long white horns on top of her head and smaller spiked horns hat act like a hyena mane going down her neck, back, and tail
WINGS= Huge white wings
EYES= Bright blue
SCARS= None, her scales are to hard for most things to damage
ELEMENT= Ice, she can freeze things or melt things
PERSONALITY= Ari is a rather friendly dragon that is calm, patient, protective, brave, curious, and she is usually rationall though she also enjoys fighting. She has a strong voice, judgemental, opinionated, nosey, and she is also loud, enjoying to talk and socialize with others. She is hard to anger but once she is, she becomes a white devil, she can be extremly stubborn and aggressive but she is not one to hold grudges.
LIKES= Flying, swimming, water, rain, dragonlettes, hunting, using her element, and gliding through water
DISLIKES= Humans, and metal birds(helicoptors and airplanes)
SKILLS= Flying, swimming, using her element, and she is fast and intelligent
FEARS= Humans discovering the dragons
HISTORY= Simari was born in a large nest high in the mountain tops, her egg was white like her scales and her sisters egg was black like her scales. She was hatched to very protective parents that loved her and her sister dearly, Ari loved her life and she had a somewhat normal life though she was starting to get sad because their were no other dragons that lived near and her parents believed no other dragons existed, after a while Ari believed them. One day eventoually, when sh was only 100 years old, vikings discovered her existance and they quickly made plans to attack the dragons. Ari's parents were picked off one by one, one day her mother went off alone to hunt when some vikings were suprisingly riding domestic dragons, with the tame dragons and vikings working together, they killed off her mom. The they got a hold of Ari's sister, and then they went after her dad who went to seek revenge. He to died and the vikings believed he was the last dragon. Simari left the place to start a new life as a dragonette, she quickly taught her self to survive alone. Hundreds of years later when all the vikings and pet dragons died, Simari went back to the mountain but she got lost. However she quickly found a new mountain and started to look for a home in that mountain, she was also hoping to find more dragons. I guess that is where rp will start

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