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Post by Amazon on Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:20 pm

Embry the Pup Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRtl524eg-suknvDOmkmR5vSFT8mAMA6jXsa91kC-3t1I_8yKZbxw
NAME: Embry
AGE: Five months
SPECIES: Anatolian shepherd
ROLEPLAY: Survivors of the Island

FUR COLOR: A light golden brown color with white paws, tail tip, and a splash of white on his chest, he also has a black muzzle
EYE COLOR: Soft brown
BUILD: Embry is heavily built with large muscle and a large skull, paws, chest, legs, everything. His ears are flopped and he has sharp baby teeth

PERSONALITY: Embry is extremly playfull and he still chews on everything, he is a happy active pup that is extremly loyal and friendly, he is not shy at all and will speak to anyone
LIKES: Wrestling, playing, swimming, running, and chewing things
DISLIKES: Grumpy dogs, cars, leashes, and dog collars

HISTORY: Embry was born in a small family with his mom, dad, and three oher sisters, plus his three owners. He lived happily untill the earthquake, he would chew on everything, dig holes, cause trouble, tear up the flower garden and just run around the house. He was the biggest of his siblings and wouldlook out for his sisters and his parents and owners were constantly getting onto him though they still loved him. When the earthquake happened, everyone was inside except Embry who had been outside digging out the roses. Embry was confused and ran off terrified after th quake, he wasnt sure where to go and he soon scented dogs somewhere ahead.

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