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Post by Breeze on Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:39 pm

Name:Moon Shine



Species:Timber wolf

Roleplay Event:Wolves of the Endless Cave

Physical Description: silver fur. Green eyes, and scar along right leg, sometimes, in light, the fur on her underbelly glows light blue, or from tail tip, along the flank, up her neck to meet her eye.

Personality:Brave, risk-taking, noble, strict, but does what she thinks is best for her pack.

History:Moon was destined to lead the pack after her father. One day, having just turned three years, she found a cave. She went in, deeper and deeper, and got lost. The next week, her father died, but, of course, she didn't know.

Moon Shine White_wolf

An amber she-pup snapped at her midnight-blue sister. The other three cowered back as the amber pups' eyes reflected fire and her tail-tip and ears burst into flames.
She snarled and her tail swished over a clump of grass, catching the grass on fire. A pure white she-pups’ paw’s turned to water and she leaped onto the grass and put the fire out.
They all looked from one to the other with wide eyes, then burst out giggling and went into a writhing mass of pups play-fighting.

~From a book I am currently writing of which I hope to publish one day
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