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Gracie Empty Gracie

Post by Breeze on Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:26 pm




Species: German shepard/Wolf

Roleplay Event:The Junkyard Dogs

Physical Description:Go to picture and RP, has a fairly recent gash on flank and scar over her left eye, has the fighters build, pretty blue eyes.

Personality:Sassy, ridicously stubborn, DEFINATLY the fighting type, has lived through many hardships so she can handly about anything, in times of EXTREME stress she breaks but not entirely. She just gets extra sassy, snappy, and super ticked.

History:Has been in dogfights most of her life, and has never lost one. She's been trained for it all her life, too. She never really knew her parents, so she wasn't raised properly, so don't expect her to have any manners. Sthephen bought her from her owner because he knew she would be good to have here, so here she is.

Picture:Gracie 1158996_f520

An amber she-pup snapped at her midnight-blue sister. The other three cowered back as the amber pups' eyes reflected fire and her tail-tip and ears burst into flames.
She snarled and her tail swished over a clump of grass, catching the grass on fire. A pure white she-pups’ paw’s turned to water and she leaped onto the grass and put the fire out.
They all looked from one to the other with wide eyes, then burst out giggling and went into a writhing mass of pups play-fighting.

~From a book I am currently writing of which I hope to publish one day
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Gracie Empty Re: Gracie

Post by Mai on Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:35 pm

Welcome to the junkyard dogs roleplay Gracie[Breeze]!

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Rascal of the Survivors

Gracie Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRZSFM2wrYH32OOSNbUv2Md36kYxsju40PWbhEWUMJ2YabjDHp1WA
Radar of the Junkyard Dog's

Gracie Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT1dn57uBPPHjj6lWLfesGEL3fHuS3qnYRvF2i6v4u4PEj250_e
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