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Soley the unpredictable

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Soley the unpredictable Empty Soley the unpredictable

Post by Kova on Thu Jan 10, 2013 11:52 pm

NAME~ Soley
GENDER~ Female, fae
AGE~ Two years and six months

FUR COLOR~ She has full sleek long black fur
EYE COLOR~ Soley has light gray eyes with flecks of light blue
BODY~ She has strong long legs, large paws, small ears, long bushy tail, sharp eyes, jutted chest, small narrow head, and a rounded muzzle

PERSONALITY~ Soley is very aggressive, fast, independent, unpredictable, mysterious, intelligent, strong, sly, she cheats and lies to those she despises which is mostly every one, she doesnt get along well with others and she doesnt trust easily, she holds grudges and enjoys to fight, she likes starting fights for no reason, when fighting, or ever, she shows no pity or mercy to others. She cares about nothing and no one, she dosnt plan to change that fact, though she is loyal to the gang, she wants the gang to grow strong and take down the tropical skys pack
HISTROY~ Soley was in the cave when it collapsed, however she was standing in a dent when it collapsed and when the rocks fell, she was unscathed excluding the knock on her head. She was dazed after that and she stayed trapped for days still confused and loos of memory, finally all came back to her and she struggled her way out of the boulders. She wondered around, running for days without rest untill finally she scented the gang somewhere ahead.

im a wolf o___O

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Soley the unpredictable Empty Re: Soley the unpredictable

Post by Seaspray on Fri Jan 11, 2013 4:29 pm

Welcome to the gang, Soley (aka Kova)!

Farewell, all!!!

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