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Tornado's Biography

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Tornado's Biography  Empty Tornado's Biography

Post by Seaspray on Wed Dec 19, 2012 10:20 pm

Tornado has been in roleplay for a while, but you can read this bio to get to know him better. Smile

Name: Tornado

Nicknames: Tordo, Tor, Torn

Gender: Male

Age: 5 years

Rank: Subordinate

Status: Deceased

Roleplay: "Return of the Loners"

Species: Gray Wolf

Physical Description: A large, well-muscled black wolf with a strong build. He had striking orange eyes up until he was blinded by Rosaleena. Now Tornado's eyes are dim and a milky gray. His blindness, however, gives him a better sense of smell and hearing.

Personality: Unlike his son Earthquake, Tornado is not prone to uncontrolled spurts of anger. Instead, he is cool and calculated. He is known to be very smart, he planned the attack on the Tropical Skys Pack. Tordo is halfway between fair and harsh, always cold and cunning, which is even more frightening to some.

History: Tornado lived in the loner gang as a pup. Then, the gang had lived in an Arctic area before the humans captured them and sent to Hawaii as an experiment to see how they would adapt. Torn was the runt of the litter belonging to the leader, but he grew stronger than his siblings and drove them out of the loner gang when he became leader. Ever since the loner gang has been sent to Winter Mountain, Tornado had been their leader. The gang thrived under his rule, and reached a population size of fifty to sixty loners. His mate was Hurricane, and his only surviving son was Quake. Tor decided that the loners were destined to rule TSP's lands, so he planned an attack. The cave collapsed during the battle, and Tornado was blinded by Rosaleena. He, however, managed to escape before the cave actually collapsed on top of him.


Tornado's Biography  Black-wolf-dominant

Tornado's Biography  Wolf

Tornado's Biography  1136193322blackwolf

Tornado's Biography  Black-wolf

Farewell, all!!!

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